SEDCO Development's management team comprises industry professionals with diverse and complementary skills in real estate development management, engineering and construction, architecture and town planning, sales and marketing, and finance. In addition, we are able to draw upon the management resources of the SEDCO Group, including legal, compliance and risk management, human resources and finance.

Sherif HyDayet

Snr. Business Development Manager

Moufak Haboos

Snr. Projects Manager

Ammar Motabagani

Snr. Project Manager

Mohammed Abumaree

Snr. Marketing & Sales Manager

Mazin Alostaz

Snr. Project Manager

Basel Abu Amara

Financial Controller

Mustaph Rahmudin

Snr. Project Engineer

Saleem Javid

Business Development Manager

Abdullah Bafakih

Business Development Manager

Amr Al Ghamdi

Business Development Manager

Muteb Al Malki

Marketing & Sales Officer

Nazeeh Yaghmour

Projects Accountant

Ahmed Al Sayed

Assistant Accountant

Sami Al-Harbi

Personal Administrator

Alaa Alamoudi

Contracts & Tendering Administrator

Jameel Magbool

Document Controller Site

Mohamed Gennab

CEO Office Manager

Mohammed Bafaqih

Executive Assistant

Mohsen Al Qara

Logistic Services

Mohammed Noor

Logistic Services