Business Model

The SEDCO Development business model is focused on delivering great project outcomes for our customers and stakeholders. We do this through proactively applying our core skills to the projects we develop. We structure our projects to be attractive to our capital partners, using a range of capital structures.


As a developer of real estate assets, our customers are the users of the assets, including the owners, tenants and other users (customers of the tenants, the wider community), together with the government authorities that regulate the development and operation of those assets. Our value proposition for our customers is to create and deliver valuable and sustainable environments (rather than simply building “bricks and mortar”).


In addition to our customers, our other stakeholders are the investors and capital partners in our development projects (for which our value proposition is superior risk-adjusted returns) and our employees (dynamic work environment, enriched career development).

Core Skills

The core skills of SEDCO Development include origination (identifying and securing quality development opportunities), development management (delivering successful project outcomes) and financing (packaging attractive investment opportunities)


We offer our partners access to high quality development opportunities in markets and asset classes in which we have a deep understanding, and where we are able to deliver great outcomes. We operate exclusively in the western region of Saudi Arabia, where we have strong local relationships and networks.

Capital Partners / Structures

All of our projects are undertaken alongside capital partners, through a range of structures including partnerships, joint ventures, development agreements and investment funds. We prefer to co-invest with our partners in order to demonstrate our tangible commitment to each project we undertake.